Curtis Homes, one of California’s most respected home builders, has been building in California for over 40 years. Having started out in the trenches of the construction trade, Robert F. Curtis, the founder and President, has skillfully managed his company through decades of growth and progress. This was accomplished by using an overall philosophy of honesty, fairness, and hard work. These keystones start at the top of the company and are shared by every individual throughout the organization. Curtis Homes has consistently demonstrated a determination to honor all of their commitments as evidenced by its highly respected loan history, subcontractor & consultant loyalty, and a long list of satisfied homeowners.

Home building is a highly competitive and increasingly complex business.  Long term survival depends on having a corporate strategy that provides a blueprint and direction for success, and having the talent to make that strategy work. Curtis Homes is composed of veteran building executives who provide “hands on” involvement in the company’s residential building projects.  They are serious, business minded individuals who understand and respect the factors of building, how to meet consumer needs, build on schedule, and stay on budget.

A key element of the company’s business strategy is to keep their senior, well‑seasoned experts close to the front lines.  So often today, the true talent and expertise in larger companies are buried in paperwork and administrative responsibilities, while inexperienced junior level personnel are sent out to make critical decisions. By eliminating the middle management layer and by maintaining a controlled volume of activity, Curtis Homes permits top management to stay intimately involved with each home, be responsive to the building process, and be knowledgeable and up to speed with industry changes.

The company makes every effort to integrate strategic land planning that is environmentally conscious and also incorporates a high level of architectural quality.

Curtis Homes has financed, built, and sold thousands of homes ranging from apartment complexes to luxury custom homes. They have also developed commercial and industrial projects.  Over the past 5 years, Curtis Homes’ emphasis has been in the custom home sector where they have used their vast experience to help make people’s dream homes become a reality.

Quality homes, lasting value, and commitment to integrity…trademarks of Curtis Homes.